Friday, October 30, 2015

✧☯✧ My autumn world... ✧☯✧

✧ I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers! ✧
- Anne of Green Gables

I am starting this post with a quote I can absolutely identify with! October is the beginning of the cosy time, for big knits and huge sweaters, for selfmade cookies, tea, knitting, books, candles, love, cinnamon rolls and films...

The last friday of October was filled with a walk through an old city, buying tea, honey candles, a
    pretty japanese breakfast bowl, vegan muesli, and some Lush stuff. The air was crisp and smokey, 
    a real autumn day. For having some vegan treats, I went to my favourite restaurant to have a
    choco-vanilla cupcake and a matcha latte! Soo good! Wish you could taste it!

↠ We had some sunny and golden days here, but also rainy and grey ones. Summer is gone, that's a
fact. I like those days in autumn when you wake up and don't have to jump out of bed right away,
it's good when you still have some time to relax, to the full awakening. Then put on some comfy
pants and an oversized jumper, step into the kitchen and prepare tea and a yummy healthy vegan
breakfast for yourself! The rest of the day, well, you can choose what you want to do: Workout,
meditation, yoga, drawing, writing, reading a good book, taking a bubble bath...I could go on
↠ Did I ever told you that avocados are my favourites? Apart from eating them in different variations
     I love using them as a hair mask: They do wonders for dry hair!

↠  I found a new basis for my chai latte (the black pot, 2nd photo) it's from ChaiLove and you can
     choose your fav flavour! I decided for banana and choco cocos..mhhmm, you just need to add hot
     soy/rice/oat milk ☯

↠  Autumn walks are perfect for wearing my fav vintage jacket from Woolrich, such a beauty! I love
     this baby, vintage finds are the best!

 ↠  Ohh look at this little dude, this squirrel baby visited our garden last year. This was the first time 
      I saw a squirrel that close! Today I can sometimes watch him flitting through our neighbour's
      trees. We named him (or her?) Knusper! ( :

 What would a month be without happy mail days? Here are two letters from my scandinavian
     babes! Roosa's letter had a wondeful autumn theme [she also sent the moomin card which is 
     shown in the first photo!] I just loved it! The other one came from Sina, she sent a selfmade
     balsam against cold and a super pretty indian scarf with ohhh ---- elephants! 
     Kiitos & Tack! Love, Love ♥
↠Leaves, leaves and even more leaves. Isn't this pretty? The yellow, the red, the orange, the gold ♥
All photos by me
I hope you enjoy your October as much as I do!


Monday, October 26, 2015

October favourites...

☯  Hello dudes, I thought about sharing my current favourite things with you. I saw this on many blogs and thought it might be a good idea ( : Maybe you'll see something you like as well...

1. Super cool traveller's diary from Rifle Paper and Co.! Try to get this for my upcoming travels! ✈
2. Pretty bowl from TineKHome for my morning smoothie/fruit breakfast!
3. Vintage Hippie dress ❥ Love!
4. Yoga mat from Manduka, such a pretty colour [Thank you Sina for this tip ( :]. I really want to
    work on my yoga goals from now on, it makes me soo happy ☮
5. "Radical Self Love" by Gala Darling, a book that I definately want to read. I stumbled upon this
     on Instagram and I immediately wanted to read it. The title says it all, I think.
6. Avocado Co-Wash (Solid Shampoo) from my all-time favourite cosmetic brand LUSH, it's
    shampoo and conditioner in one! And it's made of I have to say more? ( ;


Friday, October 23, 2015

☽ The Moon gets its power from the Sun ☼

Autumn | Days are getting shorter and darker, it's the time for tea and candles, cozy big sweaters, coffee talks and forest walks. The autumn world is capturing me, it's the time when the leaves are still yellow, red and golden, but soon the trees will be naked and winter will cover nature with frost.
My october was filled with vegan bliss-balls, organic tea, a room make-over, organic food shop visits and letters of course. The best ways to spent foggy rainy days. Autumn is happiness.

[Find some song lyrics at the end of this post, "Kuu Saa Valtansa Auringolta", a beautiful song with magical poetry by Mokoma, which my lovely soul sister from Finland showed to me. ☮
Get lost in words and music, photos and crisp air. Peace.]

 ♡ Morning Ritual ♡
Happiness on a windowshelf
My favourite vintage knit

Revin itseni irti ja pakenin. Juoksin syvälle metsään ja syvään jouduinkin. Oli pakoni toivontäyteinen, luulin pärjääväni yksin vaan tiennyt en - sinut tarvitsen.

Kuu saa valtansa auringolta, ja vaikka näyttääkin hohtavalta, ei valoaan se yksin jaa. Saa vallan auringolta, auringolta jolta kuu vain lainaa valooan.

Olen yksin ja yksin nyt kai jään
Lieneekö minulle paikkaa
Mihin kallistaa pään
Koetin tavoittaa onnea suurempaa
En enää haikaile kultaa vaan tyydyn hopeaan

Kuu saa valtansa auringolta
Ja vaikka näyttääkin hohtavalta
Ei valoaan se yksin jaa
Saa vallan auringolta
Auringolta jolta
Kuu vain lainaa valoaan

 ☽  ☼  ☽  ☼ 

All photos by me