Monday, January 12, 2015

Darling of the month - Meet Roosa and her beautiful art!

Today I want to present you the first "Darling of the month": My friend Roosa!
I am a real big fan of her wonderful paintings, everthing is so fine and delicate and I love the way she uses colours!  
Looking at her drawings is like floating away in another world for a while...Have a look yourself!

Hello Darling, tell us abit about who you are!

Hello! My name is Roosa. I'm 19 years old and I come from a little town in Finland. Currently I'm working as a practicing journalist in the local newspaper and planning to apply for college/university this year. My hobbies are drawing, painting, snail mailing and going to gym. I love art and collecting pretty things.

When did you start drawing/painting?

I don't remember the exact time, I think I have always drawn and kept drawing because I liked it. When I was a child I went to an art club for kids for a few years.

Do you listen to music while you're drawing? If so, which one?

Yes, I do! I usually listen to my favourite music at the moment but my music taste varies a lot. Currently I'm listening to a lot of Hard Rock and Metal.

Who or what inspires your artworks?

I get inspiration for my portraits when I see an interesting looking or a beautiful person and immediately think: "I want to draw her/him!" Inspiration for my other works just comes by picking up a pen or a paintbrush and letting myself go with it. Seeing good work of other artists also inspires me and makes me want to work harder to achieve greatness.

When do you find yourself drawing?

Usually in the evening or at night. For some reason I feel the most inspired at that time. I can draw regardless of what my emotions are but if I feel sad or angry drawing feels really therapeutic. I usually don't find the time to concentrate on drawing during working weeks so when I have a lot of free time I'm usually more productive!

Who are your favourite artists?

I always find it hard to pick only a few favourites, I just enjoy art in general. To mention some I like Marco Mazzoni who has a very unique and beautiful style to draw. I also like the magical paintings by J. W. Waterhouse.

Do you keep a journal for sketching some ideas?

Sometimes but not at the moment.

What do you love drawing the most?

Portraits! The past few years I've been focusing a lot on that and trying to learn to draw the human face better and better.

Where do you store all of your works?

In a big folder/bag.

Do you have any colours and stationery tools you favour?

Not really. I always just use what I have. ( :

Do you have any future projects in mind?

At the moment I'm just drawing for fun and there are no specific projects. However, if someone is interested in requesting an idea for a project/drawing I will be happy to hear about it!

Wanna see more of Roosa's art? Check out her tumblr site:

Please note that all photos are property of Roosa! Please do not use without permission!!

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