Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bye bye 2015, hi 2016. A recap...or a year in photos

Hey dudes, the year is coming to an end. Time for a little summary of what happened during this troubled but also beautiful year. I've collected many memories, good and sad ones, made new friendships, travelled to lovely places, created tasty food, and tried to make the best of 2015.

~ ♥ ~

The first month of the year started with snow. It didn't last long, but at least for a weekend. Best time to go out in our beautiful forest here in my town to take some dreamy winter shots.


➳ My favourite vegan breakfast: Spelt flour pancakes with almond creme, jam and fruits. Good for cold winter days.

➳  Went through things penpals sent me in 2014 and thought about how happy I am to know all these people around the globe...

Me at a frozen lake in the forest.

My winter finds. Finally bought a lovely backpack from the Kanken family, a secondhand jumper, a headband from Iceland and vegan body milk.

Readings that matched the weather: The snow child by Eowyn Ivey.

Photo taken by Roosa
February brought sadness into my life. Not a good month but I had to go on.

First tulips and I discovered my love for Elsa Beskow's pretty art.
➳ Tried out making my first raw cupcakes. And I really liked how they tasted! ♥

➳ I started knitting in february, I experienced it as very mind-calming, but I quit quickly, because I am very impatient ☻ I still admire people, who make art out of wool!

My friend Sina is one of these persons. She knitted me these wonderful mittens out of swedish organic wool! Hurray!
Photo by Roosa
March, slowly recovered from the frosty winter that we had.

➳ A new cookbook for my collection! Cooking with herbs and flowers. Peace-food.

A choco chock cake I made. Filled with cream and fruits. Mhmm..

➳ Best scented soap I ever bought, and so cute! This is why I had to show it in this recap! ☻

First warm days here in April, I started to plant and was really happy that spring was in sight.

In this lovely spring month me and the boy jumped into our car and drove to beautiful Amsterdam. We have been there 5 times yet and it's always so exciting to be there again! You can find the cutest houses there and the coolest shops and most delish cafés and restaurants!

A bakery called "le petit gâteau". Can't tell you how delish these little pieces of art were! Made of almond flour with different toppings!

Oh, look, here's what we ate! I had a creation with fresh blueberries, the boy strawberries and pistachios! If you should ever go to Amsterdam, pay a visit to this heaven of sweet things!

I had the best ever pasta in my life! Handmade flat noodles with fresh veggies, butter and parmesan on top! God, this was soo delish! 
And oh - look, I saw a real Fafinette graffiti by Fafi sprayed on a wall!

This was a shop full of lovely interior decor! Oh I could have buy the whole shop!

Visited my favourite vintage shop for bohemian and hippie clothing Indianaweg10. Of course I didn't leave empty handed...☻

➳ Books, books, books! ♥

➳ Old bikes everywhere you look...

➳ We caught such a pretty day for our little trip.

➳ Flowerheaven at the Amsterdam flowermarket ❀ ❀ ❀

➳ Some of the little treasures I brought back home from the city. Macarons, tea for a friend and the most delish elderflower lemonde.

May was such a pretty month, the first wild flowers started to grow, the forests wore their green dress again and the weather was beautiful I can remember...

I gathered the first ever homegrown radishes from my raised bed! That made me a proud garden mama, haha! The leaves were a bit spiky, but the fruits - so fresh and tasty!

➳ Oh, I took so many trips around the town with my flower bike...

I saw the prettiest flower meadows...

➳ I found the perfect vintage market bag...

➳ I took photos in the green woods...

➳ I made connection with a beautiful swan!

June wasn't pretty warm, we had to wear our jackets still. But it was warm enough for all these pretty flowers to show their faces to the sun.

➳ Porridge with fresh fruits and Moomin books for breakfast.

➳ Daydreams in the diamond meadows...

➳ Oh strawberry fields, how I loved you!

➳ Went home with me in my little bicycle basket: Fresh chamomile and strawberries.

➳ Vegan strawberry ice made of lupins.

➳ Picked tons of my favourite wild summer flower: Red clover! ♥

Went dining in my favourite vegan restaurant and tried the summer edition of couscous with almonds, little vegan burgers, sourcream and rhubarb compote.

➳ My fav vegan breakfast again. Just made a summer version of it ☻

Such a glorious month! Hot, but perfect. We made picknicks with friends at the lake until night, went swimming and just enjoyed summer!

Photo of cologne cathedral by Roosa

➳ In the midst of July I met my friend and penpal Roosa from Finland for the first time, and gosh, I still can remember how excited I was. It's a strange feeling when you finally can take someone into your arms to whom you feel so connected, but never met before. We spent a lovely day together, saw some art of Andy Warhol, visited the cologne catherdral, went dining and just talked. This was such a great experience that nearly brought me to tears.
Photo and art by Roosa

Roosa is a great artist, maybe you noticed that I already shared some of her beautiful art here on the blog. So as a gift of friendship she gave me this wonderful portrait of me. I will cherish it forever!

➳ Best cake I ever made! A shortcrust pastry with a topping of coconut creme and marzipan with fresh peaches on top!

➳ Summer flowers I admired

➳ Yep, another cake. My summer cake with fruits and flowers. Summer was a time of baking.

➳ Me. A hippie queen. ☮
➳ My homegrown summer flowers at our little cabin.
August was all about our summer vacation on Formentera! Waited for this a whole year!

➳ View from the plane: The tiny hippie island in the mediterranean sea.

 ➳ Lunch time: Veggie Sushi [and a burger for the boy] at one of Formentera's beautiful beaches.

➳ Jewelry on the hippie market and a cool house. Can I live here, please? ( :

➳ Back home, we spent the last day of summer with a boat on the lake.

➳ At the stony beach, we had a picknick, homemade sandwiches and icetea.

September, summer was almost gone. Was happy for the cosy time that was ready to come.

➳ Weekends filled with tea, vegan snacks and incence sticks ॐ

➳ Found these vegan bliss balls in the organic foodstore and fell in love.

 October, I felt your chill. I like octobers, when all the leaves turn gold. Such a magical month.

➳ The days got shorter and darker, it was time to fill the home with coziness.

 ➳ Wooly vintage jackets are the best ♥

➳ Autumn walks.

Photo by Roosa
 November, or how I call it, the dark month.

➳ We planned our trip to Paris and were very excited to go there. Then the terrible attacks happened and we were so shocked! After thinking about it, we decided to postpone our trip to the next year.


➳ Birthday time!  Again, such a beautiful artwork by my friend Roosa. 
Jim Morrison, one of my favourite singers!

➳ Just another beautiful birthday gift that I got from Sina from Sweden. Pretty mittens and a handdrawn illustration ♥

➳ Breakfast out of my lovely patterned new bowl.

➳ November musings I enjoyed.


➳ First thoughts of christmas. The markets opened their doors at the end of november. This were treasures from the first christmas market I visited.


December, christmas decorations everywhere, how I loved these lights. So warming.

➳ December is a month of baking, right? So I came up with cinnamon rolls and vegan cookies.
➳ Made a bunch of rosemerry & lavender scented hair perfume for me and my friends!

All photos by me, all content is mine.

 Have a happy new year you all! See you next year here.
For the fresh new year I plan some changes here, you will see ♥

Peace and Love to all of you!