Thursday, September 08, 2016

Travel Diary: Part 1, Sweden ♡

Hi lovely people, or better said hej ☻
It's the third day on our vacation in Sweden and it feels so good to be here. I never experienced so much nature before, the landscape is stunning, not crowded and so spacious. Trees as far as the eye can reach.

We are staying at Lindeborg's farm, a cute eco farm next to a lake. Our cottage here is super cute, a typical red swedish wooden house with white wooden windows. The inside of the house is decorated very beautifully and with love for the detail. We feel very comfortable here, I could directly move in.

We are lucky with the weather until now, it's dry and the sun is shining, only the evenings are getting cold. So I am glad I packed some knitted jumpers and there is always tea here.

The boy and I love to explore the area, we drove around with our bikes and already made a tour with the canoe. Yesterday we visited the nearest city from here, Nyköping. It's a beautiful place, bigger than I actually thought. It's quite charming there, with cute houses, cafés and second hand shops. Our personal guide Sina showed us around in her city. She's the friend I planned to visit here, we already "know" each other via Instagram and through letters. It's so nice to know someone here, I don't have the feeling of being a stranger at all.

More photos will follow, we have some more cool plans for the upcoming days . . .

Friday, September 02, 2016

Going to Sweden

Hej lovely people, today was my last working day, I am looking forward to two weeks of vacation.
Aaaaaaaand . . . next week me and the boy will catch our flight to Sweden ! ! ! ! ! !

Travelling to Sweden had been on my mind for such a long time, and finally it's coming true. We will stay at a cute countryside eco farm at the swedish landscape. I really really can't wait.

I will also finally meet a friend there, we met two years ago on Instagram and now the time has come to see each other in real life. I am so looking forward to all the things we've planned, it's really like a dream coming true for me. Pure anticipation. I hope there will be some summery days still, I am ready for autumn when coming home ☻
All photos are taken from Pinterest!