Sunday, December 24, 2017

❅ Merry Christmas ❅

Christmas morning: Had some vegan pancakes today and I finally could light the fourth candle on my advent tray.
 Merry Christmas, everybody! 

It's here, christmas eve! Can't believe it's this day again, christmas came so quickly. There was so much to do this past week, sending out christmas mail to my friends, getting and decorating our tree, making some cookies, buying and wrapping the last gifts. But now it is all done and finally I can enjoy the free time to come. This morning I made some vegan pancakes for me and the boy, just to start this day very good. I already unwrapped some gifts, the ones from my love and one from a dear workmate. I am so happy what I received, some people just know me so well. ♥

 Now it's time for me to get dressed in my new dress and drive to my family. I can't wait for some christmas time with my dearest people.

I hope you're having a good holiday season and enjoy time with your families.

❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

Christmas things: A book "the mistletoe murder and other stories" by P. D. James, christmas yogi tea and some smoking candles with a christmassy scent.
Time to burn my gingerbread scented candle. Got this for a few euros and I love it. // We also had a little baking session yesterday evening. I made some star-shaped cinnamon cookies, my favourite vegan cookies and some normal cookies in different shapes.
Wrapping time: All of my gifts are finally wrapped and packed. So in love with the cute animal wrapping paper ♥

Sunday, December 10, 2017

❅ Happy 2nd of Advent ❅

Moomins by Tove Jansson, image found on pinterest
Happy 2nd of advent, lovelies!

Christmas is coming closer and I still need to buy some gifts. This week I visited the first christmas market, had some mulled wine and it snowed almost every day! We also made some cookies to give as a secret santa gift for friends. I still need to bake my favourite vegan cookies, which are so easy to make!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Christmas musings

Christmas market with beautiful surroundings.

Hello lovely people,

 two more weeks to go until christmas. This week my lovely "advent wreath" (well, it is not really a wreath, more a tray for candles) arrived! Just in time for the second of advent tomorrow! I am really loving it, it looks so timeless, is minimalistic and I can use it every year again. I just need to get my hands on some walnuts and fir branches to complete it's decoration. It is still looking a little bit bald.

Anyway, it snowed today (again!). But it is not a winter wonderland, the snow melts quickly from the ground, only the rooftops and the trees are still covered with a little white blanket. On the radio they said that around christmas it will get colder, so maybe we can hope for a white one? That would be so wonderful, I can't remember the last white christmas here...

Today I went to the city and ended up in the bookshop (as always). Of course I bought a new one. But I have to finish my christmas books that I bought for december. So the next time I will be busy reading.

Today I made some banana pancakes for breakfast. They are so simple to make and you need less ingredients. I put some vegan choco creme on top and some frozen berries. As a hot spicy winterdrink I had the "Kurkuma Latte Vanilla" by Sonnentor.

Vegan potato carrot soup I made about a week ago, some cress on top and some yummy rye bread as a side dish! Perfect winter dinner! // I am currently reading "Mystery in white", a christmas crime story.

This is the book I bought today. A fantastic fantasy novel, it looks like it is more aimed for younger people, but it isn't. I think it's kind of a fantasy story for grown-ups ( :
Cozy christmas market. One of my favourites here in the area. Went there with my boyfriend and his parents. We enjoyed some mulled wine and I had a Langos which was so yummy. I bought some little christmas gifts, some finnish honey & essential fir oil.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Christmas market coziness

I am in a total christmas mood! This week me and my mom went to our first christmas market this year and it was so cozy. We had some white mulled wine, I bought some christmassy incense and some candles that smell of cookies.

The city was decorated with little stars, shining in red, orange and yellow. It's the most beautiful idea for a christmas market decoration in my oppinion.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

❅ Happy 1st of Advent ❅

Moomin image found on pinterest
Happy first of advent, everybody!

Today I woke up to a snowy landscape, it got really cold these past weeks. The snow gives me the ultimate december-christmas-feeling! ♡ Yesterday I visited a small christmas market (the first one this year) in a little village next to my home town. The villagers sold homegrown tea blends, homemade jams and herbal oils, herbs and spices. Apart from that you can find some selfmade advent wreaths, ceramics, cake and hot drinks. This year I only bought a selfmade rye bread fresh out of the oven from the old bakehouse. At home I made a warming carrot/potato soup for me and the boy with some pieces of the bread as a side dish.

So today marks the first of advent, 3 more weeks until christmas, wow! And there's still so much to do, buying gifts, sending out christmas mail, visiting christmas markets, baking cookies . . .

I will leave now for some coffee 'n cookies with my family. Wishing you all a wonderful day! ♡

Thursday, November 30, 2017

November favourites

Hey dudes, I quickly wanna show you my favourites/things on my wishlist for november.

1. Since I love the fashion of the seventies, this paisley blouse is a dream to me. Found at Indiska.

2. I've got an eye on the nordic collection from Broste Copenhagen since a while now. This teapot is available in three colours, but I guess this coal one is my favourite! Hopefully I will get my hands on it soon and brew some lovely tea in it during the cold months.

3. A book. Of course! I became a real bookworm this year. This book "the bear and the nightingale" by Katherine Arden passed my way so many times already. A winter story, perfect for cozy winter evenings.

4. Love this colour of the Ruby Red lipbalm by fat & the moon. Made of essential oils of clove and orange.

5. An autumn scent, but why not using it in winter as well? A sweet and spicy scent to warm the soul. Oh, and I really love Caradamom! ( : From my all time fave Lush, o. c.! ♡ ♡

Sunday, November 26, 2017

November Coziness ♡

Autumn reads and a beautiful card I bought.

It's already the end of november and it is starting to get cozy here. Soon the christmas markets will start and I am so keen visiting a few of them. Can't wait for drinking mulled wine and looking at some stalls with selfmade things ♥ Sooo ready for christmas, who else is?

A few weeks ago the forest looked still very autumnal and colourful. When I went there today all the pretty leaves were gone and it already looked very bleak.
Things that I carry with me for a sunday coffee at my grandparent's place: An illustration book, a mandarin, some art cards and my favourite book by paperblanks.
Last week I went to my favourite café to meet my friend Janet. We spent some quality time talking and sipping on pur hot drinks.
Table situation: Cappuccino, milk coffee (with almond milk) and a brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce ( :
Yesterday I got myself a beautiful autumnal flower bouquet. I like treating myself with flowers from time to time. I also bought this little Korifee (?) tree and started to decorate it christmassy already.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

November time

Mumins by Tove Jansson, found on Pinterest

Happy 1st of november, everyone! I think it's a little bit crazy that it is already november now. Time flew by so quickly. Yesterday was Samhain/Halloween, we moved the clocks backward a few days ago, the dark time begins now. Somehow I am happy about the dark time of the year, I enjoy to get cozy and spending the evenings with candles, books, tea and good music. It's important to take good care of the self in these darker days, sometimes the dark can make you feel sad.  

I still can rembember summer so vividly, our vacation on Crete, the sun, the summer breezes and soon it'll be Christmas. I already bought some christmas books for the winter vacation time and today I enjoyed the first star-shaped cinnamon cookies, yum! 

My thoughts are still placed in my little Finland vacation in October (travel diary post is coming soon). Very good memories were made there!
❥ ❥

I hope you're all having a good autumn time!

Friday, October 27, 2017

October Favourites

Hey folks, here is my top 5 wish-list for this month. Many things to indulge the soul in this grey month. 

1. The days are getting colder, so it's time to spend some evenings in the bathtube. LUSH has some amazingly new Halloween products that I wanna try out, above all this Pumpkin bath bomb. It has the scent of vanilla, spicy cinnamon and biscuity home-baked desserts.

2. I have always been a fan of vinyl, but since I went to Finland and saw Roosas and Tonis vinyl collection I wanna get more myself. I wanna treat myself with the new Solstafir album Berdreyminn and when I saw that it's also sold as a vinyl, I went like "ohh I preferably wanna have this as a vinyl..."

3. This coat is such a pretty casual piece to wear. Suits to everything and is absolutely chic and a total autumn piece!

4. Autumn time is candle time, right? When I buy candles, I mostly buy them from this brand JOIK. They are soy wax candles and every candle I had from this brand smelled AMAZING! The one shown in the picture is "Cinnamon coffee", but it was sold out. I got "Cinnamon bun" instead and that one is wonderful, too!

5. Since I gave away many old bowls I am looking for new ones. This one by TineKHome is really pretty and timeless I find.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Finally it's autumn!

Hello and happy autumn!
Finally it's my personal favourite season of the year! The days are getting shorter and it's time to get cozy at home! My living room table is full of candles, scented ones, normal ones, beeswax candles. I collected some chestnuts, pretty coloured leaves and some apples to decorate my apartment.

When I've got some free time (what is really rare in the past time) I go to the beautiful forest nearby or for a walk in the botanical garden with friends.
I stocked up on many books, mostly crime stories placed in England, bought some spicy christmassy tea and a new candle with "cinnamon bun" scent. Hello cozy time!
Finally I got myself a pair of Doc Martens! My new companion through the colder days.
One from early autumn: Swan family in the forest lake.
Some autumn musings: A new vintage bag, notebooks, postcards and autumn leaves.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A trip to beautiful Porvoo

Roosa and me went to Porvoo as a little day trip. The bus tickets from Helsinki were very cheap and the distance isn't that far. So we bought ourselves some vegan snacks at the supermarket and caught our bus to Porvoo at Kamppi. It was just a 30 or 40 minutes drive and we were there. Unfortunately the weather wasn't with us, it rained non-stop. So we bought some cute umbrellas so we could walk the streets of Porvoo.

Porvoo is a summer town, but I also liked it in autumn. In the old town are lots of cute wooden houses in all colours. We found some antique shops, bought some postcards and finally went to Café Helmi, probably the prettiest café I've ever been to.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Travel diary: Helsinki

Last week I came back home from a wonderful little journey. I was the happiest girl because I traveled to Helsinki, Finland on my own to visit my beloved friend Roosa. For more than 10 years I dreamed about traveling to Finland and finally it came true! And of course it was the best to meet my friend again after two years. I was so happy to stay at her cozy place, it gave me the feeling of being part of it all and not the feeling of just being a simple tourist.

Roosa and me strolled through vintage- and vinyl shops. The photos here were taken at Hippie Shake Records. We also went to Music Hunter, where I bought 3 vinyls: The Doors, Bowie and Blues Pills.
We took a walk to the orthodox church in Helsinki, which is build up on a hill
From there we had a fantastic view over the city. You can also see "Helsingin tuomiokirkko", the dome of Helsinki from there.
The orthodox church from the inside was really stunning to me. So much gold and details, it is really really pretty.
Exploring made us hungry, so we stopped at "Date and Kale", a vegan restaurant. We had some yummy black rice with cauliflower, red lentils, fresh coriander and pomegranate seeds.
Pretty autumn forest. We went for walks in the nearby forest every morning to walk the dog.
Missing forest walks with these two...
The Moomin Café (Mumin Kaffe) in Helsinki is a must-visit for all Moomin fans though it is more aimed for children. We enjoyed coffee, tea and cinnamon buns anyway.
Moomin Café guest book entry ( :
Of course we also went to the Moomin shop, it's a must-go-to when you're in Helsinki. I bought several cards, what else? Oh and a new Moomin mug, my fifth, in the Iittala shop ( :
One rainy and cold afternoon we went to Ateneum museum to watch an exhibition about finnish art.
Some artworks that I really liked at Ateneum.
Roosa and me are both art postcard junkies so the museum shop was our happy place! ( : We bought lots of cards of paintings that we admired in the gallery before.
One of my favourites in the exhibition. The painting shows Ilmatar, the virgin spirit of the air who descented into the primal sea and was impregnated by the wind.
Walking from room to room.
Vegan oat-apple-crumble for breakfast! So simple made but so delicious! And how I wish we had this oatly vanilla sauce here, too! I would literally eat it everyday! :D
One of the vinyl I bought at "Music Hunter". So in love with the cover of it, too! // Cozy evenings eating vegan dishes while listening to vinyls ♥
Cute vintage shop. We both found something cute to wear at this place.
Beautiful autumn forest