Saturday, May 27, 2017

In a hippies travel bag

Hey lovely people, today is a wonderful day, the sun is shining, it's saturday, my day started with vegan pancakes...and soon I'll be off to one of my favourite european cities: Paris! I've already been there this january, but since it's not that expensive from here to get there, we thought, why not travellin' there again in may?

So, while I am packing for our trip, I thought it would be fun to do a little post about what's in my travel bag. I personally love it, when I see posts like this on other blogs, for me it's so interesting to see what other people carry around in their bags. I always get a slight glimpse of their personalities then. So yea, let's get it started ☻

So, let's start with the things that I carry around with me every day [left to right] and are also not missing in my travel bag.

1. A good book. This time I chose "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. So so inspiring!

2. An organic fruit and nut bite by Raw Bite for the drive.

3. A hygenic spray. I don't like when I canot wash my hands during a journey. So I always carry around a hygenic spray with me. My favourite is Dr. Bronner's fair trade bio lavender hand-hygenic-spray. It is antibacterial and leaves a lovely fresh scent on the hands.

4. I am a fool for natural scents, this roll on BLOM by the swedish brand "Vilda Växter" leaves the most beautifully natural scent on the wrists, the temples or the neck or simply wherever it's wanted. Smells like a flower meadow in summer. I always use it to get some refreshment.

5. A light perfume, I love this one by 4711 with white peach and coriander. Since I love everthing peach scented, this one is my favourite to go! Not a heavy scent, very light and flowy. Perfect for spring and summer.

6. A little indian coin purse that I once bought in Ibiza, it keeps my little Malachite stone, the guardian stone for travelers.

7. Some tea. I always keep some tea sachets in my bag, in case there's a water boiler in the hotel room. I don't like the conventional tea you mostly get there, I don't like flavoured tea, so I always bring my own.

8. A lip balm, I love Rose Lollipop from Lush. It smells heavenly of roses and citrus fruits. Cares for my lips during a hectic day at work and so while traveling.

7. An essential: Hand cream. I always have one in my bag. My hands dry out very quickly, this vegan natural hand cream is by Dr. Scheller and is made of almonds and calendula.

And here's a sneak peak into my beauty/care/bath bag. Before I'm going on a journey, I always figure out what I'll need and what can stay at home. I don't want to carry some extra weight with me. Just the essentials. Sometimes I buy shampoo and showering gel at my destination, so I don't have the weight of heavy bottles in my bag/luggage.

1. Talc deo from Italy in a pretty nostalcig blue bottle.

2. Moisturiser with rose, lime & cucumber from Neil's Yard  Remedies in collaboraion with Delciously Ella (I also love the cook books). The texture of this is really smooth and creamy.

3. Lulu Organics Hair Powder lavender and clary-sage. Already wrote about this in my last post.

4. Some cotton pads for cleaning the face.

5. Rose hydrosol spray by Mullein & Sparrow. I use this as a facial water and to just spray on the hair, the face for some extra refreshment.

6. Coco Gloss from Lovely Day Botanicals. I apply this in the wet hair after showering, makes the combing much more easy.

7. A bamboo toothbrush my friend Friederike gave me. It's vegan, water-neutral and fairly produced.

8. Vegan tooth paste made of coconut oil, cinnamon & sweet orange by Nurturing Soul.

9. A wooden brush.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Favourites

Hi folks, today I wanna show you my wish-list for this month. 
The days are already gettin' very warm here, time for some flowy hippie dresses, some nurturing care for the body and mind & some sweet-scented cosmetics to indulge the senses.

1. Yes, I am a fool for ceramic mugs. I have to admit that. So the Sandrine collection by Bloomingville makes my heart beat a lil' bit higher! The mug is also available in blue, also very nice!

2. Of course course there's also some new cosmetics in this post. I am contemplating with this Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud with rosehip by Apoterra Skincare! It's a scrub, a mask and cleanser in one! It's full of the good stuff: Hibiscus Flowers, Acai Berries, Rosehips, Honey, Pumpkin, Oats ...

3. This is my dress! I mean, this is so me! ( : White, embroidered, with flowers on it! Could imagine wearing this barefoot during the summer time with a cool straw/sisal bag around my shoulder.

4. I am searching for the perfect bag. I mean... THE perfect bag! One that I can use every day and that goes with literally everthing [who can relate to this?☻] During my search for that bag I found this one at Asos, a small one, just for carring around your wallet, phone and a healin' crystal & a lipstick, but it's so pretty! Fits perfect to everything white, dat perfect hippie bag for small things, also good for concerts n festivals  ( :

5. I will travel to Paris again soon, and one thing that I will definately bring with me is this hair powder by Lulu Organics. This one is the Lavender & Clary-Sage scented one, they also have Jasmine, Patchouly & Amber and Vetiver and Black Pepper to offer. All sound very alluring to me. The powder is talc-free & vegan ♥ and this one is the travel size. It gives your hair a fresh look when you're traveling and have no opportunity to wash ya hair. Yo.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A breeze of Palo Santo

Tuesday: Comin' home at 4, planted my tomato plants in pots on the balcony, reggae music playin' in the background, I can feel it, dat summer vibe. Finally.

I had a calm evening, burnin' Palo Santo sticks that I've bought in Amsterdam last month, listening to Stevie Nicks' song "Edge of Seventeen", drinkin' a cup of mate tea from Wild and the Moon from Paris, just indulging the senses this evening.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Travel Diary: Amsterdam

Hi lovely people, after a little break I am back with a new travel diary post.

As every year I went to lovely Amsterdam in the beginning of April. The weather was mild and the city was blooming, a perfect spring day. This city is filled to the brim with beauty and charm, I enjoy every time I go back there. As we wandered the streets by foot, the peaceful canals next to us, we were soaking it all in; the buzzing city, the fresh spring air, the friendly people.

Our first stop was the botanical garden "Hortus Botanicus" which is one of the eldest botanical gardens in the world. We went to this place the year before, and it is always so beautiful. I especially love the greenhouses with butterflies and the cacti and palm houses. It's like entering the door to paradise.

We just had a quick lunch meal, at "Bagels & Beans", I enjoyed an avocado-cucumber-basil-pesto-salad with pine seeds, a vegan bagel with rock, dried tomatoes and hummus and coconut water to refill my energy. It was a good meal, although I'd preferred a cool vegan restaurant for lunch. But for dinner we had some awesome pizza to go, from Sugo Amsterdam, very yummy, very good. We enjoyed it in a cute park, watching the people who went by.

If you're a lover of vintage clothing and things, Amsterdam is the right place for you! It's filled with cute and cool vintage shops full of clothes & accessoires from all decades! Laura Dols, Episode, Marbles Vintage, Indianaweg 10...just to name a few. Of course I found some cool pieces there that are now part of my wardrobe.

This time I finally got it managed to visit Wildernis Amsterdam, the most beautiful plant shop I've ever seen! So many cute ceramic flower pots, makramee plant hangers, greens, ...
If you're in Amsterdam you definately should check it out! It's made for all of you plant-lovers out there!

♡ ♡ ♡