Sunday, October 30, 2016

Octobers to remember

Hi lovelies, my favourite month comes to an end now. Autumn is my favourite season, when you bundle up in cozy big sweaters, a long scarf wrapped around your neck, taking your favourite autumn boots for a walk in the colourful forest. The seasonal change is just magical. Yes, autumn is so inspiring ! I got back into photography now, I am so lazy during the summer months. Now I feel like I am more energized. The smoky  and crisp autumn air clears the mind and gives me fresh ideas.

I hope you're all having a beautiful autumn.

Colourful leaves in the forest.

My cosy little kitchen.

It's pumpkin season!

Autumn fruits: Loving pears, appels and pumpkins. I bought a Butternut and a Hokkaido, I love the taste of both. I am also planning to make myself a spiced pumpkin chai. That's what I love about pumpkins, you can make literally EVERYTHING out of them.

My favourite mug, always filled with hot tea. Also this matcha cookie from the bio store was so so delicious ! I indulged myself with this delicacy after my workout in the gym.

This wonderful autumn letter made me really happy. It contained the yummiest tea, a cool vintage Merian magazine about Sweden with a beautiful illustrated landmap and a selfmade woven wandhanger. Thank you, Friederike ! ♥

Pumpkins as far as the eye can look. I visited a pumpkin farm today and bought some little baby boo's, which I've never tried before. I am courious what they'll taste like.
Oh - and isn't the big horror sharped pumpkin perfect for Halloween? I really like it.

All photos are taken by me.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Travel Diary: Sweden, Part 3

 Hej, finally I've found the time to upload the rest of my Sweden photos. Can't believe it's over a month ago that I visited this oh so beautiful country. I fell in love with it. Maybe you can guess from the photos what a beautiful time me and the boy had. The weather was just increadibly good, really untypical for september. But lucky us, we were able to be on the go every day. We visited lots of vintage shops with Sina, went to a cute café, explored the farm's forest, drove with the canoe and had the best days of september ever.
Have a look yourself, here's a flood of photos with little subtitles. 🌾🐑💕🌿🍑

Vintage postcards that I found in a second hand shop.
We explored the most beautiful forest with Sina, it looked like in a fairytale.

Cute garden somewhere in Nyköping.

Self picked herbs for tea: Hop, lemon balm & fresh peppermint. Everything from the farm's garden.

Swedish fika: Cinnamon bun with coffee and because I could not resist, I ate a piece of delicious cheese raspberry cake too!
Café Hellman with a cute yard to sit.
The supermarkets had the most amazing things! Lots of Oatly stuff and pretty packaged tea.

Wanna live in a house like these one day! ...
The cutest lemonde I've ever drank and seen!
Cozy afternoon in our little house. I loved to spent them with homegrown summer tea from the farm, lightening candles and blogging.
I sent some mail to my girls in Finland, France and Germany. Love ya! ♥

Things we found in the forest. A few chanterelles, wild cranberries and juniper berries.
Cute little mushroom.
We enjoyed the silence in the woods so much.
Just another mushroom, but we found less chanterelles.
Forest & garden harvest.

These two furballs were the friendliest tomcats I've ever met! Blåbär & Ralley.

New Moomin mug that I've bought at Åhléns.

Cuddle up.

At Café Hellman's again. This time we enjoyed carrot cake, a berry smoothie, brownie cake and a vegan bliss ball.

The cutest houses in Nyköping.

Me and Sina walking the streets of Nyköping.

Some things that I've bought at different thrift stores.

Passed this house every day. Sina and me called it "The Moomin House" because it strongly reminded us to that.
Gangplank to the lake next to the farm.
Sina lured the sheeps with some food to the barn, where they got shorn the day later.

Right before getting shorn.

Found a litte toad in the watering can and helped her out.

I will never get enough of these cute little red houses.

All photos are mine. Do not take without permission!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October favourites...

After a little while of not continuing this section, it's time to show you my favourites for this month:

1. Bio tea in a glass, name "Mama Light" by Green Ma teas.
2. I am totally in need of some new sport tights, and this one by H&M is just beautiful.
3. Love this black basic coat by Monki, goes with everything.
4. Just another cute Moomin mug for my collection ☻
5. I really like chokers, and this autumn they're back in fashion. This one with a half moon hanger is just too cute. Also from Monki.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

October Hits

photo found on pinterest

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
1. Joy Division ~ Love will tear us apart
2. The Rolling Stones ~ Angie
3. Sandrine Kiberlain ~ M'envoyer des Fleurs
4. Lana del Rey ~ Ride
5. Rival Sons ~ Black Coffee
6. Vanessa Paradis ~ La Seine
7. Harlem ~ Be Your Baby
8. Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman
9. Amoral ~ Blueprints
10. Stevie Nicks ~ Belle Fleur

Travel Diary: Part 2, Stockholm

Here are some photos of Stockholm from three weeks ago. We walked a bit through Södermalm, strolled through thrift and vintage shops, found a yummy place to eat and visited an organic foodstore and plant shops. One day is a bit less for such a big city, so I think I'm gonna return one day to see even more of this magical place. 
~ ☯ ☼ ☽ ~

Lunch place: The Plant
My vegan lunch: Quinoa beer, a burger and some baby potatos with sour cream.

Beautiful Stockholm.
Vintage Heaven at Beyond Retro in Södermalm.
Happy I found this one.
Such a huge selection...
Cutest plant shop. Wish I could have taken something home with me...
Vegan ice cream parlor. I chose coconut.