Monday, March 28, 2016

Past weeks in march...

Hi there, I am in a real spring mood now; I always bring flowers home with me when I go out for groceries shopping. Spring is in the air, yay! This month was kinda wonderful, but also loads of new things are coming their way.

Here are some things I've been up to this month:

1. Finally this book came out in german: Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. Such an inspiration.
2. Happy international world womens day!
3. Making plans for our trip to Amsterdam.
4. This vegan snack comes in a tropical wrapping. Coconut yoghurt by Harvest Moon.
5. Happy Easter! Loving these rosé tulips.
6. Breakfast time and finally finished with this book.
7. A little easter gift I made myself. Macarons from Amsterdam, the best in town...
8. A new frangrance called "Beach Walk" moved in my appartment. The scent is amazing, like the ocean is touching you gently.
9. Smoothie Bowl to kickstart the day: Young spinach, mango, raspberries, blueberries & chia seeds.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Travel Diary: Walking the streets of Amsterdam

Hej peeps, yesterday me and the boy visited Amsterdam. We go there once a year and it's always so cool to be there. It's such a charming city, with cute cafés, lots of vintage/2nd hand shops, fleamarkets and so many other shops, that we don't have here.

We parked our car in one of the P&R (park & ride) car parks, which is really cheap. We only paid 1 Euro for a whole day, and used the public transit to the city central station for 5 Euros. 
So if you wanna visit Amsterdam, this is definately the best option to park your car. 
All other car parks are increadibly expensive.
After we arrvied in the city, we went to the botanical garden "Hortus Botanicus", 
which we already wanted to see last year.

Here are some photos, this place makes me long for summer.

It is march, so the plants outside were not in bloom, but the garden has two big tropical greenhouses and a butterfly house. The greenhouses are really high and they also have some ponds included.

You can buy some plants at Hortus too, and they also have a lovely gift shop.

 Cute house with a hidden garden.

Went to my favourite vintage shop Indianaweg10, which is placed in a very cool and quiet area. 
The girls, two sisters, who manage the shop with lots of heartblood, gave a little shop party for their shop's first year anniversary. Everything was 15 % off and they served cake and beer. ♡

It was really cool to talk with Romy and Débra, who are really kind and lovely.
They created a pretty shop, full of vintage bohemian clothing, selfmade jewelries and clothing, accessories, cosmetics, interior items and fresh plants ... Absoloutely my taste.
Of course I didn't leave empty handed: An indian cotton blouse from the 70s, a belt and a handmade cosmetic bag left the shop with me ☻

 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Another cool shop I visited was Anna + Nina. They have beautiful golden interior items, super cool jewelries and bags. I totally fell in love with the shell bags, it's like giving your style a 
little mermaid touch.

But I ended up with two of these lovely plates. I chose the pink palmtree plate and the blue moon box. They will look great in our new appartment. Of course I could have bought each of 
these designs...

Just can't remember the name of this shop, but look at the wallpaper. Could imagine this for our appartment, too.

This was were we had dinner. A super cute café with the loveliest interior.

It looked like you're sitting in a living room.

This is what we ate, a fresh mint tea and a tuna sandwich for the boy and chai latte (soo goood) and a panini with grilled veggies and cheese for me. We really enjoyed this dinner, it was super delish and the athmosphere for dining was perfect, we were almost alone, because the restaurant was going to close soon ☻

All photos by Robin & me.

Bye, Amsterdam. See you next year.
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March favourites

Spring has officially started here, just the weather does not look like warmer days are ready to come ... Nevertheless I am so ready for spring and that's also reflecting in my favourites for this month: 

1. I am in need of a new bag. I love all bags that are pouches, have a drawstring or a clip closure. I just like to throw my things in my bag and that's it, it's always a big mess inside☻. I love all these pretty boho bags who are embellished with shells, pearls, fabrics and's just so hard to decide which one, and where to buy?
2. Re-Lease, a purifying solar bath by "Little Moon Essentials" via Urban Outfitters
    Love the psychadelic layout in 70s style ...♡
3. A super duper pretty cosmetics/toilet bag in green velvet. From Anna + Nina Amsterdam.
4. Hommâge to Jane Birkin ♡ Love this bateau cut top from Mango. Wouldn't mind wearing
    this with a high waist blue jeans and a straw basket in summer...
5. Super cool silver earrings by Femme des Fleurs. Totally need these beauties ...
6. Midnight Rose body butter by my fav finnish brand Frantsila (via Hilla Naturkosmetik). This one
has a heavenly scent of wild finnish roses and is good for dry and sensitive skin. I own some
products from Frantsila already and I am very happy and content with each of them.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A place called home

Hej lovely people,

since it's safe that me and the boy will move in our first own appartment in summer, my mind is spinning how to decorate the rooms. I love bohemian interior with many plants, vintage finds, wooden furniture, colourful carpets, silver trays, candles, and treasures you bring home from travelling. A new own home is a challenge, but at least it has to feel like a home. 

Here is a small selection of my dream rooms, all images are taken from my pinterest.

The kitchen:
For me the kitchen must be a room with much daylight, space to work and to cook... I am definately in need of a beautiful tea shelf like shown in the right photo. It will be a home for all of my ceramics, bowls and mugs, teas and boxes.
I want a place where I can show some of my lovely teapots. And of course the window will be full of plants, my avocado trees will grow on the windowshelf. I also want an indian hanging for the window, colourful and spreading happy vibes.

The bathroom:
Bathrooms that are already fully included in the appartment, won't be your liking in most case. But then you have to make the best out of it. This goes best with decorations. New mirrors, plants, little shelfs where you can place some treasures and cute bottles, findings from the sea, candles and a colourful carpet/bathmat will give the special thing to an "ugly" bathroom.

Also some curtians maybe and baskets will make the bath a happier place.

Mosaic, turquoise, mint and light blue are my favourites for this room. Also a vintage wallpaper (left photo) looks super cool.

The work room:

A room where is place for brushes, colours, papers, letters, pens, cameras, photos, guitars and other things we're working on. Walls can be plastered with ideas, art and photos.

What I really want for our work room is a world map. With pins I wanna mark the places we already have traveled to.
 I want a working place with a direct view out of the window. Daylight is the best light you can have, I think.

The bedroom:

The room to calm down and to feel cosy and comfy. I want no electronic equipment in the bedroom, so the sleep won't be disturbed by negative influences.

 Big quilts with beautiful indian patterns, colourful cushions and blankets are a must-have, also a soft calming light and treasures on the wall.

I hope there will be a tiny space left for a beauty table where I can put my jewelries, perfumes and cosmetics on...
 Who does not dream of a space like this, girls?

The living room:

My dream living room has a pretty couch with wooden feet, many kelim pillows, a cool colourful carpet, is full of plants and decoration and books.

Lately I fell in love with rattan tables like this one...♥

Can't wait to decorate our happy place under the roof!

Love to you all !♥

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I want to free my mind...

image found on pinterest
♡ It's march already and I can smell the scent of spring here and there which makes me a happy girl ☻ Winter was long enough for my taste, I want my roots to grow in the first warm sunbeams of spring, just like all the pretty flowers will, who are still sleeping in the frosty earth. 

Sun brings life, plants will grow and bloom, the sky will be clear, it will be a new beginning of everything. I want to free my mind, get rid off the dust that winter brought. I want to face the sun and feel her warmth on my skin, to be all one with myself and nature. That's my personal peace.