Monday, January 25, 2016

past weeks in january...

♡ Hi dudes. The first month of this new year is almost over. It was a frosty month, but now, at the end, it's getting milder. I started very relaxed in this new beginning with some days off from work, but now the everyday routine is back.

I started reading "Big Magic, creative living beyond fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Everywhere I looked, this book crossed my view, on blogs, on instagram, in the book that I finally wished for it for christmas. And tadaa, my boy gave it to me. Honestly I am not a book worm, but I love THIS book! If you don't have it yet, put on your winterboots and run to the next bookshop and grab it! You won't regret it, promise!

This month I also stared traveling on my road to more happiness. 
BUT you can't expect to live a happy, fulfilled, mindful life with only clean eating and yoga practise from one day to another. It has to go step by step. It's a journey. So I decided to buy notebooks which I will fill with my thoughts. I think writing is like healing and by re-reading your own words you will learn a lot about yourself. I also indulge myself with time. Time for writing, time for relaxing, time for reading, time for going out into cute cafés. I light up candles, burn incense sticks, boil a pot of delish hour for the soul so to say.

January was filled with relaxed weekends, full of watching the "the hobbit" and "LOTR" triologoies and food. I went shopping in cute stores, watched out for some cool stuff for my first own (with the boy) appartment in that we will move in summer. 
I received a lovely christmas parcel from my friend Roosa, full of cute things like a moomin winter mug, vintage art, tea and stuff from Indiska ♥.
 I found my passion for photos and other things back, and gosh, I am so grateful! 
This was a good month!
Peace to you.

♡ ♡ ♡

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Breakfast || The best meal of the day ♡

Hej peeps, 

for me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need for a long day at work/school/university. Honestly I don't have that much time in the morning during my workweek, so I always end up with oats topped with apples/bananas and some sweetener. 
BUT at the weekend I devote my morning time for some really yummy breakfasts.

This weekend I had two really really good breakies that I now want to share with you...

So here's a yummy breakie I enjoyed today. On christmas eve we had a lovely nordic dessert, with pearl barley and raspberries. So this bowl is inspired by the dessert we had.

I cooked the pearl barley in milk for round about 20 minutes. Then add a sweetener of your choice, I used maple syrup. Fill in your favourite breakfast bowl and top it with fruits, kernels, nuts and other yummy things you like. 
Enjoy ♡

The second breakfast is based on a recipe by my friend Olivia
For that I peeled two carrots and rasped them into thin slices, then I filled them in a pan together with oats, coconut cream, cinnamon, kardamom, a bit of ginger, juice from 1 orange, a bit vanilla and a pinch of salt. Then I cooked it up until it was creamy and filled it in a bowl.

I added apple slices, fresh blueberries, even more coconut cream and coco chips on top!
Yum yum yum!

all photos by me

Saturday, January 09, 2016

January favourites...

New month, new favourites.

1. Bralette by "free people" via Urban Outfitters.
2. Aromatherapy oil burner in the shape of a buddha head. I like to burn natural aroma oils, so this seems to        be perfect! Via the lovely online-shop from Indiska.
3. Hair soap by the finnish brand FLOW. Makes the hair deeply clean and is good for the environment because of less packaging waste (just a paper banderole). This one is for brunettes, but it's also available for blonde and red hair. Never tried hair soap before, I am curious about this.
4. Scented candle by the estonian brand Joik. I love these candles because they are made of soy wax, not paraffins. The candles are also vegan.
5. Yoga mat bag from the brand Mandala. Made of organic cotton and equipped with the om sign.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

hello new year.

this calendar is a free download from

Hi darlings,
 here it is, the brandnew year 2 0 1 6. Let's dive right into it. Let's breathe its fresh and crisp air. 
Inhale, exhale.

 I'm so happy for new beginnings, new thoughts and fresh inspiration. I can feel the power in the deepest parts of my body. I just need to follow it.

image by free people via pinterest
 Following. That's a good keyword, following the path I created in my head for myself. This is my biggest goal from now on. It's not only a goal, it's more a life task. A thing you have to work on every single day.

 ~ Other goals for 2 0 1 6 are ~

☽ finally book a yoga class.
☽ write more | diary, journals, letters.
☽ take more moments for myself.
☽ travel more and with an open mind [like I've read so often].
☽ make new friends, grow more close again with old ones & meet the ones I long to see for so long. ♥
☽ get back into music again | my guitar.
☽ try to shop more conscious and fair clothing...vintage, second hand, fairtrade, eco...
☽ try to eat more clean and to include more vegan food again.
☽ read more.

What are your plans for the new year?