Sunday, February 26, 2017

February mood

The last days of february are already here and I wanna share some photos of this month with you. I've been really busy lately, because of work and exams, no time for the fun things in life at the moment...

A little pleasure during all the exam stress was a visit at my favourite café. It's the meet-up place for me and my friend Janet, where we can forget all about time and just talk, eat cake, drink tea and coffee with soy milk.
Cozy afternoon with some tea, notebooks, old letters and a book I bought in Paris last month.
Some books and postcards I bought this month. I am really into nature things lately.
To bring some spring into our appartment, I bought some flowers at the market after work. Makes everything look more colourful and the scent is amazing!
Saw the first snowdrops on a sunday afternoon walk around the town. The first signs of spring, yay!