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Darling of the month - The beauty of photography: Oona Julia

Hi everyone! For the beginning of autumn I chose Oona Julia to show us a few of her wonderful photographs. I am really captured by her works, for me they look like if they are floating from reality into something beautiful that isn't from this world, something magical...


Hello Darling! Tell us a few things about yourself!

maybe I’m a poem who doesn’t know which way to choose. Maybe I’m a shy girl from Finland who loves to walk at nature collecting treasures. I love writing letters and poems. I take pictures and make art. I don’t talk much and I think that’s the reason why I write and take photographs. I have so much to say!

What do you love about photography?

Oh! Lights and shadows.
Photography is the only way to make things look like I want them to look. With photography I can see what I want and forget the rest of the world.
It’s my way to look. Photography is my world.

What camera/film do you use?

I use digital. My camera is basic. Nothing glorious. I am not so interested to talk about that.
I think it is more important to know what you want to create. It’s about passion and the way you see. And then I use my phone to take pictures for Instagram.

What things do you like to photograph the most?

Nature. Flowers. Forest. Still life. Letter art. Old houses. (selfportraits but not lately)

Do you have any favourite places to take photos?

Yes I have some places. Mostly they are forests with uncommon old trees and light. My room when the sun is shining. Wherever I see beautiful light or shadow I want to take a picture. That’s how my head works.

When did you start to take photos?

About six years ago I got my first camera. Mostly I took pictures of nature because it was easiest. Most fun. But then I had some terrible years and quit taking photos at all. Until last autumn. It was one of those moments, I was sitting in a pub with strangers whose words were slowly turning into nonsense. I said goodbyes for them and started to walk. It was three AM and I was in Copenhagen. And somehow I had decided to take my camera with me. That was the moment when I and my camera met once again. And the moment when I found my truly words. One more reason to love Copenhagen. 

Who are your favourite artists and why?

Tove Jansson is the one who always comes to my mind at first. I love her paintings and books that she wrote. I adore the way she writes because it is so unique and close to my heart. My favourites are her sea paintings. (I don’t like the Moomins so much because there is too much of them. So much commercialisms around them.)
Also Frida Kahlo and Helene Schjerfbeck inspire me.

Somehow I have more writers that I adore than painters or photographers. Here are some writers that I love: Riikka Pulkkinen, Eeva Kilpi, Kyllikki Villa, Joel Haahtela and Raija Siekkinen.

Who or what inspires you?

Books, nature and history. People that are not telling everything.
I am always looking for mysteries and hidden meanings. I love visiting abandoned houses and thinking about the stories that happened there and people that lived there. How they left? What happened? Sometimes it’s my decision to decide when and why they left.
Sometimes it is just that I take my bike, notebook and camera and go wherever I want to go. Reading my own diary is really inspiring and eye-opening. But not always. 

In a few words...what's your pretty blog about?

My blog is about words that I see. The world that I see. My poems and thoughts. Things that I notice and think, nature and some stories. I think that blog is like me. I am not telling about things that are into my photography. My words and photos are two different worlds. One that everyone can understand and another that only Finns can understand (just right now?). 
If there is someone from Finland reading this now, does that sound right caption for my blog? I think so…

What are your dreams?

I was thinking this a lot, whether say or not to say… My dream is to write a book full of my poems, notes, special photographs with dried flowers and little illustrations. It is the biggest and most serious dream that I have. That I want.

And also I have other dreams too. Walk from France to Santiago de Compostela, the Camino de Santiago. Travel through Russian via train stopping small towns and taking pictures at the same time. Seeing different places, different towns, learning new things… Move abroad, travel, someday learn to sail… and so many others.

What's your favourite music?

I listen to a lot of music from Finland. But also from elsewhere.  Beautiful words, meaningful songs. Songs that are inspirational and has a special meaning for me.
Here’s some artist and bands that sing in english:

Eva&Manu, Ane Brun, Ulrik Munther (in Swedish, I don’t like those songs that he used to sing in English), Mø, Passenger, First Aid Kit, The Flashbulb, Ben Howard, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Foy Vance, Soley…

And then music in finnish if someone is interested. Iisa, Chisu, Samae Koskinen, Pariisin Kevät, PistePiste, Laura Närhi and Scandinavian Music Group.

What's your favourite season and why?

Autumn. It’s like a hymn when you say it. hmmm. Syksy. Autumn is about changes, it is about leaving and staying. Cozy moments, drinking tea and  my favourite birds are leaving.

I was born in autumn.

Mä rakastan syksyä, sitä miltä se tuntuu mielessä, nostalgisena muistutuksena hyvästä lämmöstä. (I wanted to add this here without translation).

I wish warm autumn moments for everyone!

Wanna see more of Oona Julia's photos? Check out her dreamy blog kahvipoydista

Please note that all photos are property of Oona Julia! Do not use without permission!

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